Understanding the limitations of our API is crucial for efficient and uninterrupted usage. Below you’ll find detailed information about the upload limits for different file types and the rate limits applicable to various subscription plans.

Upload Limits

The Fireflies API accommodates a range of file sizes for different user types. Here’s a breakdown of the maximum file sizes for audio and video uploads:

Upload TypeFree User LimitPro / Business / Enterprise Limit
Audio FilesUp to 200MBUp to 200MB
Video FilesUp to 100MBUp to 1.5GB

Understanding Upload Limits

  • Audio Files: All users can upload an audio file no greater than 200MB, ensuring ample capacity for high-quality audio content.
  • Video Files for Free Users: Free users have a maximum upload limit of 100MB for video files, suitable for short clips and previews.
  • Video Files for Pro/Business/Enterprise Users: Higher-tier users can upload larger video files up to 1.5GB, accommodating longer and higher resolution content.

API Rate Limits

To maintain the quality of service and availability for all users, our API enforces rate limits based on the type of subscription plan.

PlanAPI Rate Limit
Free / Pro50 requests per day
Business / Enterprise60 requests per min
  • Free and Pro Plans: These plans are ideal for light to moderate usage, with a cap of 50 API requests per day. This rate is suitable for testing and small-scale applications.
  • Business and Enterprise Plans: Designed for more demanding use cases, these plans allow up to 60 requests per minute, providing ample capacity for larger applications and higher volume demands.

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